Social Media Managment

How important is it for your business to use social media to get your name out in front of people? Barry Media sits down with you and comes up with an effective Social Media Plan to get your business in front of your target market.  We look at the statistics and plan accordingly, using the right Social Media Platforms to ensure your business is successful.  Here are the stats to show how much small business uses social media.


  • 97 percent of online adults aged 16-64 have visited a social media platform.

  • Your average person manages between 5 to 7 social media accounts.

  • 8 in 10 internet users globally use their mobile device to check in on their social media account.

  • 1 in every 3 minutes spent online.


  • Facebook still remains the top used social media platform in the world with 84 percent but YouTube edges ahead for visitors (87 percent).

  • Usage statistics:

    • 79 percent of Internet users

    • Worldwide, there are over 1.79 billion monthly users of Facebook

    • 1.8 billion people log into Facebook daily.

  • The average Facebook user has 150 friends.


  • 24 percent of Internet uses Twitter

  • 82 percent of Twitter’s active users use their mobile device to check their status.

  • Twitter has over 300 million users

  • 84 percent of the world’s leaders use Twitter.


  • 29 percent of Internet users use LinkIn.

  • LinkedIn has over 100 million active users per month.

  • Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than 2 new members per second.


  • 31 percent of Internet users use Pintrest.

  • There are around 100 million monthly users of Pinterest.

  • Average number of Pinterest is 2 billion.


  • 32 percent of Internet users use Instagram.

  • Instagram has over 500 million active users.

  • 1 in 4 Instagram users shares their photos and posts on other social media platforms.


  •  Snapchat’s active monthly user count is sitting at 200 million in 2016.

  •  150 million Snapchat users are active daily.

  •  60% of Millennials in America use Snapchat.

  • 6 billion videos watched on Snapchat every day.

  • Users spend 25 minutes per day on Snapchat.

  • Snapchat is predicted to generate over $366 million in ad revenue.


  • YouTube has the most visitors globally, at 87%.

  • There are 900 million visits to YouTube every month.

  • 8 in 10 Internet users visit YouTube every month.

  • Most visited social media platform.

  • 80% of users 18-49 watch videos a month.

  • 85% of Interbrand top 100 companies actively post to YouTube every month.

  • YouTube business see a 50% revenue increase per year.


  • Every Gmail address has a Google+ account, which is why Gmail officially has over 2.5 billion users.

  •  There are 540 million active users on the platform.

  • 62% Google+ users are B2B marketers.

  • 49% of digital marketers use Google+.